The Pooka Party, is a madcap tale of what to do if you feel sad and lonely, starring one shapeshifting hero with some musical monsters, flying cakes and a guest appearance by the Moon! Written and illustrated by Shona Shirley Macdonald, published by The O'Brien Press, 2018. Selected for the IBBY Honours List 2019, and shortlisted for an Irish Book Award 2018, CBI Award  2019 and LAI Award 2019.
‘the simple story is brought to life by Macdonald’s exquisite illustrations which are so packed full of details, and so enchanting, they practically dance off the page. Her night-time colour palette – shimmering silver, midnight blue, mossy green – is a treat for the eyes and don’t miss her tiny fish riding bicycles. A picture book maker with an exciting future ahead of her’  
Irish Independent
 ‘With spirals, twirls and double spreads, there is an inventiveness, a boldness and a vibrant visual blend of text and illustration in this engaging story of the pooka. The non-gender pooka is a shapeshifter, suddenly faced with its aloneness and loneliness. The illustration style is as wild and unruly as the pooka itself. The story is touchingly told with minimal text, leaving us with a satisfying sense of show rather than tell.’ 
Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year Awards 
Shortlist ‘a delightful and whimsical romp of a story.  Beautifully illustrated throughout … the book would certainly stand many readings as the stunning illustrations are so detailed  … it’s the illustrations that make this book really special’ 

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