This book is a fully illustrated collection of poems and stories by W. B. Yeats, including an insight into his childhood along with some of his childhood writing. It was an exciting project to illustrate as I loved the poems, though I felt some weight regarding the pressure of trying to do them justice.
The Cat and the Moon
Drawing in progress for To a Child Dancing in the Wind.
Detail of illustration for The Wild Swans of Lake Coole
Detail of illustration for The Wicked Hawthorn Tree
Detail of illustration for The Song of Wandering Aengus
‘what purports to be an introduction to the poetry of W. B. Yeats could well be classed as Yeats introducing an exciting new illustrator to the Irish market. The superb selection of illustrations, sometimes reminiscent of Clark, Rackham and P J Lynch, are breathtaking in scope and composition.’ 
Irish Examiner
‘I do of course have to wax lyrical about the visuals. And they're just brilliant. If anyone can put pen to paper and recreate the heavens' embroidered cloths, then it's Shona Shirley Macdonald, on this evidence. There's a brief lament to a fleeing squirrel, which makes the critter and the tree it's escaping up completely mythical entities. The Sidhe here can be quite vicious-looking faerie-folk, but have an appealing turn to their eye when needed; they're often dancing in multitudes, forcing no end of detail on to the page. And I just loved The Wild Swans at Coole, and how one of the birds practically becomes the titular lake. … fabulous visual craft’
 ‘what The Waterboys communicated through music, Shona Shirley MacDonald now brings to life afresh through her magical, mist-swirled illustrations for The Moon Spun Round … gossamer-light drawings dance around the text like a wave on the sea … will enchant readers of all ages and open many eyes to the beauty of the poetry they describe’ 
Evening Echo 

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