'An Smutag Ghaisgeil' is a Scottish Gaelic graphic novel I illustrated for West Highland Animation, published 2015.
The story is based on a Nivkh folktale, adapted by Leslie Mackenzie and Richmond Clements. Lettering by Hde Smith.
The original tale is from the Nivkh people who live in on Sakhalin Island, and on mainland coast beside it. The story goes that there are two suns and two moons in the sky, burning up the land during the day, and freezing it at night, making life almost impossible. The Titmouse Hero (An Smutag Ghaisgeil) is just trying to survive when he finds himself sent out on a quest to take one sun and one moon out of the sky. But they are being held aloft by the Sky Goddess and it proves not at all simple...
Also published in Russian!
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